Shahberi, UP, India

From the Samtel Group, this school building had a brief for provision of classes from 1st to 12th with a total number of 48 classes with pre-nursery, nursery and preparatory.
The segregation was based on difference in education type which was elementary, primary, middle school, senior school.

The site was studied and analyzed as per the existing physical parameters. The spatial derivations were made as per the existing built mass in contrast with the open space. The new built mass was 30% proportion to the site area. The area proposals of the above mentioned blocks were made as per the byelaws.

The site was visited through different tools of study like traffic analysis, sun path diagram, wind, contour, vastu analysis. Alternatives of design were developed on a foreground conceptual thinking of the question of what education is.
Education is a premise of evolution of thinking, which is akin to peeling off layers to discover the core or true self. The process could be from within or from the outside.
The design was experimented on abstract levels in layers of exploratory concentric emotions like freedom, self-within, transitional and expression.

The form was split in outer and inner envelopes with inner classroom core and outer core of co-curricular activities. This concept of form was articulated with a single built feature-cuboids-enclosing the entire world of the student body - schools within a school. Building blocks were planned on the decisions of movement layout. The phases of construction were cleared in 3 phases.

The design stages were led from conceptual massing and base area calculations. The elements of design were critically resourced and defined. The second alternative was compared for its merits and feasible ideas were amalgamated. The elements were display and useful scheme of colors, types of representative screen-skin envelope, elevation typologies and spaces-volumes with the warm and green building materials like bamboo.
Landscaping was another spectrum of the design that was technically and coherently planned for. The details of this part was understood and designed with the green building considerations.


Location: Shahberi, UP, India
Design team: Neha Kulkarni, Nirmal Kulkarni, Krishan Verma, Rahul Palaghani, Soniya S. Sharma, Navneet Srivastava, Sumit Saurabh, Prince Chhajjar
Gross floor Area: 1.25
Usage: Institutional
Floor: Ground + 3 floors
Structure: Reinforced Concrete with earth brick walls
Exterior Finishing: Texture Painted and Mosaic tiles
Status: Phase-1 Completed

Client: Modern Public School, Shahberi, Uttar Pradesh

Structural Engineers: Girish Wadhwa
Public Health Engineers: Deepak Khosla
Electrical Consultants: Siddiqui Consultants
Landscape Design: Shree Naik