Gurgaon, Haryana, India.


Who doesn’t love a good pizza?
With pizza being one of the world’s most loved foods, India too has geared up to supply pizzas to our globalized netizens. The design brief was to conjure up an ambience of fine examples of industrial restaurant design that the consumers are beginning to really admire. We have retained the integrity of the hosting building by creating a design to compliment it rather than designing a space that fights against its host. As designers we always try to relook at the locally happening places and motivate ourselves to reinvent environments. We have tried to design the basic features such that the space in no way reflects any of the tacky nuances that we have come to expect. Just describing it as an interior with exposed industrial tubing, unfinished woods, naked brick walls and grey concrete ceiling, paints an ugly picture, a picture of cold and harsh features, but the actual effect is quite the contrary.

The 44-seat restaurant (with an 8-seat bar) includes an intimate yet open chef’s table and wood burning brick oven which is the piece d’ resistance of the place and the heart of its cooking. The layout is open and fully integrates guests with the vibrancy of the kitchen and the decor maximizes natural materials and craftsmanship. The interior design feels like a very warm hug and sings notes of casual elegance. The blending of concrete, brick, and wood is as harmonious as the presentation of the menu. The earthy finishes ground the space, whilst the flow and strength in height, elevate and lift it to a kind of grunge serenity. It exemplifies a clever mix of humble comfort and quiet industrial refinement. The interiors pays compliments to the exquisite food. 

Affordable wines and local beers, plus a neighbourhood crowd packs into the modern kitsch interiors and spills onto the outdoor verandah. Live bands in diverse genres make it a hotspot among the young and vibrant locals.
Wooden arches in doorways greet the guests entering the dining room. The walls of this space are covered with glowing spice bottles and custom artwork on two sides. Surreal art in charcoal surrounds the main dining room, creating an experience akin to being immersed in a smoky woody forest lodge. Overhead the exposed concrete slab ceiling is punctuated with a painted composition of pipes and tubes and the naked concrete beams add character to the space. Lighting is composed of specially selected copper-finish retro-style fittings. In other places randomly placed custom designed suspended pendants carry the ambience into an exotic realm. This style of furniture, the mix of colours – the bold mix, the patterns, the packaging, the flooring mix between tiles and wood, the different textures, the typology is simply mouth-watering!

The concept opens up the possibility of communicating with a broader audience, as it turns it into a timeless product, which is nurtured by its past but also continually, seeks to present itself in new, fresh and attractive ways.


Location:  Gurgaon, Haryana, India.