A luxury space of relaxation which fosters community interactions.



Designed to house the cultural events, meetings, and recreational needs of a dense condominium gated complex, the Clubhouse is a three-storey building with a multi-layered rectangular plan that evolves around a double-height of the entrance atrium.
To make a contrast with the busy building exterior and surroundings, we decided to make the interior and exterior palette monochromatic, making everything singular to remove the sense of weight and complexities of multiplicity of geometries. However, within this single color palette, we introduced a vivid variety of materiality and texture to express variation in space and atmosphere. Each room has a unique function, and each is given a different texture and pattern. We carefully cataloged multiple material options for all surfaces - floor, wall, ceiling, furniture - and coordinated them while considering the various scales and functions of each room.

Designed for fostering community interactions, the clubhouse is a relaxed luxury space with a rich and distinctly ‘Uptown’ feel. The 30,000 sqft Clubhouse is bounded on two sides by multistoried towers of commercial and residential typologies making it imperative to shade these structures and their dominating and interfering views. With a direct view facing other villas, the clubhouse thus only responds to the low-rise urbanity of its own exclusive environment.

The design builds around the double-heighted entrance area, which is the heart of the facility, through which guests move in a rhythmic flow, to the many amenities that are spatially organized in a functionally optimum manner throughout the building.
Common area interiors match the high energy of club life by using the vibrancy of layered geometrical patterns in varied materiality. Schemes with a palette of natural shadings are used in the backdrops. Technological features such as flat-screen televisions, wireless internet and wireless surround-sound speakers meet the expectations of today’s high-tech generation. Sustainable elements like cork flooring are utilized, and dropped ceiling features with contemporary light fixtures add architectural interest to all the spaces. The selected materials, furnishings and appointments are high-quality, maintenance-friendly and durable.

We also aimed to minimize the energy and plant required for mechanical ventilation, emphasizing a sense of place and using the air cooled ambient air for temperature and movement. Extensive overhangs protect louvered and stacking doors whilst providing ample natural light and connection to the exterior.

Key initiatives:

  • Passive/Low energy ventilation strategy – mixed mode ventilation utilizing a plenum air delivery system to tempered air to level one Restaurant and Bar, supplemented by fans, and fully opening doors and windows to allow for natural ventilation and improve occupant thermal comfort whilst minimizing the use of air conditioning.
  • Shading devices and roof overhangs to ground, first & second floor glazing to minimize glare and solar gain.
  • Rainwater harvesting tank for the special use of the Clubhouse.
  • Low use water fixtures to reduce the amount of potable water used.
  • High efficiency lighting, and controls including an intelligent lighting control system, day lighting and occupancy sensors.
  • Responsibly resourced materials including imported WPC timber members.
  • Internal paint finishes and products with low VOC and formaldehyde content.
  • Landscape – all plant species are contextual and locally sourced.


Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India.
Design team: Nirmal Kulkarni, Neha Kulkarni, Rohini Shaurya, Prem Kumar.
Gross floor Area: 3000 sqm.
Usage: Public/Recreational facility, small scale.
Floor: 3 Floors, Basement
Structure: Reinforced Concrete with hollow concrete block infill walls.
Exterior Finishing: External grade waterproof paints, WPC pergolas and shading devices.
Status: Virtual Completion Phase

Client:  Orchid Petals Condominium, Gurgaon, Haryana.

Project Management:  Orchid Infrastructure.
Structural Engineers: Mahendra Raj Consultants, New Delhi.
Public Health Engineers:  Krimens, New Delhi.
Landscape Design:  Design Cell, New Delhi.