The basic idea emerges from the line work of strands of a palm leaf and is applied to the building design in an artistic way, as is obvious if one sees the site plan in detail. Taking this as our root idea, we developed the various buildings around a centre point (node) around which the design revolves.
The use of the node will be naturally for the nodal agency, which is the RICTeC. So, having housed the administrative offices here the various other uses of the project then fan out from within the centre point, which also happens to
be the centre point of the site.


The overall project is envisaged to be spread over 3 floors only.
(Ground + 2 upper floors). The various special use buildings are arranged around a common concourse building which has an external entry from the simple system of circular vehicular road network which has separate entry and exit. The concourse building is transparent and has an all around atrium of all three floors for clear visibility from the ground floor itself.

Four buildings spring from this central concourse and are similar in size and shape for ease of accommodating the various uses like offices, exhibitions, apartments etc. This whole building is then to be repeated in phase two of expansion on the other side of the node.

The science and technology centre is centered on the pivot of the concourse building of the phase two building. It houses the observatory with a dome at the top, and is placed at the rear so that the bulk of the building is not immediately evident from the entrances. The imax theatre which will show scientific 3d movies is also in this building along with all items which are related to the scientific & research elements of the project.


A small amount of surface parking is provided, but the majority it will be under the concourse buildings to fulfill the requirements.
There are more elements also thought up on the structural front ( modular steel components to be used for economy and ease of construction as well as to compress the time element), and to make it a green building etc.